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    LCC Landscapes was formed by Lou Caggiano Jr. as a Division of Lucar Construction, a leading hardscape retaining wall contractor in Northern New Jersey for over 40 years. Lou Caggiano has effective combined years of field experience with his education, a Bachelor of Science Degree in Ornamental Horticulture and Environmental Design from Delaware Valley College.

    LCC Landscapes is a fourth-generation family run full service horticulture landscape contractor business and they take pride in in the quality and craftsmanship that they provide to each of their clients. They feel it is an honor to be chosen to provide each client with landscape and grounds care services.

    LCC Landscapes mission is to provide their clients with native, natural, organic and high quality landscape design and horticulture contracting services, and influence their clients with the love of nature while they enjoy LCC Landscapes work for years to come.

    Lou Caggiano and his staff, would like to personally thank you for your future business and welcome you to their family of valued clients.

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    LCC Landscapes invites you to view our portfolio of work! Don’t settle for any ordinary landscaper, because your home is anything but ordinary. It’s your home and lifestyle and sets you apart from the rest of the neighborhood. Let LCC Landscapes inspire your love of the outdoors, for life.

    Truly our best advertising is word of mouth which accounts for 80 percent of all our new clients. Wouldn’t you want to have a firm whose main form of advertising is the happiness of its present clientele? LCC Landscapes often service family members, friends, business relations, and neighbors of our present clients. It is not uncommon for our firm to work with entire families; this is why we invite you to join our family of valued clients so that we can meet your expectation too.

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    full service horticultural firm

    Each project starts with a comprehensive and thorough analysis of your site, your project and your needs. From there, LCC Landscapes works to provide a landscape design best suited to meet and exceed your expectations. We take great pride in our work and enhancing the curb appeal for all of our clients. Of course, the ultimate goal is to increase property value of the community at large. First we will take time to look at the landscape design. A properly executed landscape design will create a sense of wellbeing for your residents through the use of space and outdoor rooms. Drawing more residents outside will increase the overall curb appeal of the property. All this works in harmony to make a resident feel like they have someone committed to their happiness. Having a beautiful indoor and outdoor space will create well-being for residents and passerby. For retail stores, aesthetically pleasing landscape will be key to inviting customers into your space.

    Once the landscape design plan comes to fruition and is implemented, it needs to be properly cared for. If not properly cared for, a well-executed landscape design can easily fall apart. A cared for landscape will have seasonal flowers that are bright and vibrant all year round, even during the winter months. All shrubs, ornamental trees and shade trees on the site are properly pruned and fertilized for each type of species. The turf grass is free of all clippings edged weekly and is lush green year-round. The property as a whole is free of all debris and has a clean fresh look all week long. Landscape design and maintenance has many intricate moving parts and should be cared for by a group of trained and dedicated professionals. We at LCC landscapes are full service horticultural firm who understands your landscape and is committed to provide the highest quality service for you.

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    Commercial Grounds Care Services

    You have heard the old saying….you only get one chance to make a first impression. As a property manager have you ever stopped to think about what your first impression is? The answer is always landscape or grounds, the outward appeal of your site. Your landscape is that first impression for any prospective resident, client or new tenant. The grounds and landscape of your site is your most valuable asset. This holds true for any type of property from residential apartments or home-owners associations to 55 and over communities, commercial office space and retail shopping centers.

    LCC Landscapes works with management firms of all types of properties. High quality standards employed by LCC Landscapes will make your job as a property manager easier, our rental properties will show more often and your condo and townhomes HOAs will realize higher resale values. When you apply this high standard of quality your retail spaces will rent faster and often to higher qualified tenants and even national retail chains. It’s imperative to trust your most valuable asset to a landscape professional who is committed to provide the quality service upon which you can rely.

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    LCC Landscape Services 1 Essex County NJ Bergen County NJ Hudson County NJ Passaic County NJ Morris County NJ Union County NJ

    No work begins until our design team does in-depth analysis of your site, from climatic factors, soils, geology, and hydrology, to existing vegetation and architectural elements, then even the history of your home – all the time keeping your final vision in mind.

    The experienced design team at LCC LANDSCAPES will ensure that all hard scape complements the native geology of the site as well elements of your home, for example, the bricks used to pave a walkway or patio will match the brick of your home.

    Each project starts with an in-depth analysis of the clients site, project and needs. From there, LCC LANDSCAPES works to provide a Landscape design that is best suited for their client’s needs.

    We also design architectural landscape structures, such as gazebos and trellises, that match the major architectural features of your home: the trellis in your rose garden can be made to complement the arch way or your front door; fence posts and deck rails can be constructed of the same material.

    The most important part of any landscape design is the plant material. We first work with the canopy layer of existing old growth trees, then the next layer of smaller under story shade and ornamental trees that blends with the canopy layer. Next our design involves the shrub layer of flowering shrubs, and finally, the piece de resistance, the herbaceous layer of flowering perennials. Throughout the design process, close attention is paid to the flowering patterns of all plant material chosen, ensuring therefore, that you will always have at least one species of plants in bloom from February until October. We take our attention to detail one step further by closely examining the fall leaf color of all plants, in order to create a beautiful palette of color, next carry on into the winter interest of the plant therefore a landscape design may still provide unique color throughout the winter months.

    All these factors tie into one landscape design to create a beautiful landscape and to provide your landscape with a humanizing factor like no other landscape design can. LCC LANDSCAPES works to combine the beauty of nature with the design and craftsmanship of man to provide you our valued client with the best possible landscape design.

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    LCC Landscape Services 2 Essex County NJ Bergen County NJ Hudson County NJ Passaic County NJ Morris County NJ Union County NJ

    LCC LANDSCAPES maintains a complete fleet of state-of-the-art landscape construction equipment necessary to complete any landscape construction project. This ensures a timely and professional completion or your project.

    In order for our clients to be able to enjoy their landscapes for years to come, LCC LANDSCAPES purchases nothing but the highest quality construction and plant materials. We also work with an extensive network of growers, nurseries and plant brokers from all across the country, to stock our own nursery yard. This allows us to care for our plant material to our own exacting standards. Our plant material is never simply purchased from local a wholesaler as many other contractors find acceptable. We hold ourselves to a higher standard. LCC LANDSCAPES handles all plant material with the utmost care and is in accordance with all nursery industry standards.


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    Upon completion of the installation of your landscape design it is now time to maintenance your new landscape this is where our Estate Grounds Care Management Program becomes a valuable service to our clients in order to keep your landscape performing to its top potential for years to come.

    The services included under our Estate Grounds Care Program include:

    • Weekly Landscape & Turf Care Service
    • Organic Lawn & Shrub Fertilization Programs
    • Turf Aeration & Renovation
    • Pruning and Arbor Care Programs
    • Irrigation Installation and Service
    • Yearly Landscape Renovations
    • Annual Planter Design and Installation

    Spring irrigation, landscape renovations, design installations and plantings MF001_Location_Indicator_lower_case MF001_Geo2

    LCC Spring Landscape and Irrigation Essex County NJ Bergen County NJ Hudson County NJ Passaic County NJ Morris County NJ Union County NJ

    Watering is one of the main elements of maintaining a lawn, plants, and trees, so leave this task to the experts! Contact our professional and talented team at LCC Landscapes to start your spring irrigation project. We take pride in adding that curb appeal to your home, community, or business with landscape renovations, design installations and planting.

    Fall Lawn Cleanup and Maintenance, landscape renovations, design installations and plantings MF001_Location_Indicator_lower_case MF001_Geo2

    LCC Fall Maintenance and Cleanup Essex County NJ Bergen County NJ Hudson County NJ Passaic County NJ Morris County NJ Union County NJ

    LCC Landscapes enjoy the variety of seasonal services which includes Fall Leave removal and yard maintenance. You can rely on this team of experts, to keep your yard healthy by using the right equipment to cleanup and perform lawn maintenance all year long. You can count on our reliable and dedicated team to complete the hard work, while you enjoy your beautiful yard.

    Winter Snow Plowing, Shoveling, Salting MF001_Location_Indicator_lower_case MF001_Geo2

    LCC Winter Plowing and Cleanup Essex County NJ Bergen County NJ Hudson County NJ Passaic County NJ Morris County NJ Union County NJ

    LCC Landscapes enjoy the variety of winter services which includes snow shoveling, snow plowing, and salting. You can rely on this team of experts, to keep your roads and driveways cleared from snow and ice by using the latest equipment. You can count on our reliable and dedicated team to complete the hard work, while you enjoy your snow days.

    LCC Landscapes has been in the snow removal industry for over 75 years. All snow removal equipment is owned and operated by LCC Landscapes Professionally trained employees. They do not use subcontractors nor rental equipment to perform snow removal operations. All vehicles or satellite tracking, and Offer Dash cameras access are available upon request.



    Short Hills Home Owner

    After Playing golf with your client Ethan Silverman we retired to his home for cocktails where I was welcomed by plants and flowers of every shape and size After a few minutes at his home I had to meet the artist who created this oasis, his wife Gale had so many wonderful things to say about you and had worked for her neighbor your knowledge is just amazing I can’t wait to see my Landscape Plan ” Franklin Lakes Home Owner After initial consultation before work on his project began.

    Lou I just wanted to let know you must thank your employees Bernie, Shawn & Jose they carried in five large packages left outside by Fed-Ex They are so kind they would take anything for going the extra mile

    Short Hills Home Owner

    North Caldwell Home Owner who recommended to family in Saddle River

    My sister Jane could not stop praising you Lou and your workers she almost sounded like commercial for you I had see for myself I was so happy with you that now I can’t stop talking about your work

    North Caldwell Home Owner who recommended to family in Saddle River

    North Caldwell Home Owner

    I must say I never had the pleasure of dealing with a more professional contractor then you your workers are all in uniforms and show up in professional manner and everything is just so perfect

    North Caldwell Home Owner

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