"After Playing golf with your client Ethan Silverman we retired to his home for cocktails where I was welcomed by plants and flowers of every shape and size After a few minutes at his home I had to meet the artist who created this oasis, his wife Gale had so many wonderful things to say about you and had worked for her neighbor your knowledge is just amazing I can’t wait to see my Landscape Plan " Franklin Lakes Home Owner After initial consultation before work on his project began.



Upon completion of the installation of your landscape design it is now time to maintenance your new landscape this is where our Estate Grounds Care Management Program becomes a valuable service to out clients in order to keep your landscape performing to its top potential for years to come.
The services included under our Estate Grounds Care Program include:

  1. Weekly Landscape & Turf Care Service
  2. Organic Lawn & Shrub Fertilization Programs
  3. Turf Aeration & Renovation
  4. Pruning and Arbor Care Programs
  5. Irrigation Installation and Service
  6. Yearly Landscape Renovations
  7. Annual Planter Design and Installation

Now put this complete line of landscape and horticultural services together in one company and you are provided with top-of-the-line service to achieve all your landscape dreams, and beauty for our clients to admire for a lifetime.

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